And thus a new adventure in Azeroth is about to begin. As of this day we open a new chapter in the history of WoW emulation. Will you be a part of it?

What is going on?!

Basically it has been over a decade since the efforts to create an Open Source version of the World of Warcraft started and this far into the game none has succeeded in bringing the full experience of Legacy WoW to the community.

This is what we will be changing from now on.

Client Archiving

The World of Warcraft Game Client is becoming harder to find every day. We have started to archive old Version from Patch 1.1.2 up to Patch 3.3.5a and have plans to provide all versions for macOS and Windows using a network of mirros for the WoW community.

If you have an old patch file, mail us. We’ll make sure that it stays online and available for everyone.

Why are we doing this? Simply said: there is the awesome web archive but there is nothing like that for MMORPGs and WoW. This needs to change!

After all, old versions are also part of history.

If you want to help out, read here.


Well, documentation is short and spread thin. There is WowWiki but that is merely a starting point that leads to more questions.

Thus - with your help - we will create a decent documentation that is more than suffienct even for a rookie.

More updates on that topic soon™.


Before you can start to set up a server, there are so many different kinds of data you are supposed to use. But hardly any tools which make sense.

That’s why we’re going to build tools you can use to read, understand and use all kinds of client data. For starters these will be command-line only but we’re hell-bent on having graphical tools later on, too.


There is so many of these and all of them are not really doing what you expect them to do.

This is going to change. We’ll build fresh, modern servers that can even be run in a Docker Swarm (if you need to scale).

More on this soon™.


Legacy WoW sadly is just a pretty picture and all of us had high hopes for change from official side to make this a reality.

Since change is not coming, we just bring change ourselves.

You can be a part of that adventure!