What OpenWoW is

Let us be blunt:

  • we are the biggest effort ever made to recreate World of Warcraft and its’ old versions as high quality, professional Open Source project
  • we are fed up with what the emulation community has managed to create and deliver to the community
  • we are thankful for what MaNGOS, CMaNGOS, and Trinity have provided

But it is just not enough.

Let’s be better

OpenWoW is basically an effort to reinvent WoW emulation with tools from 2017, applying modern development standards and principles all the way from scratch.

In contrast to previous projects we follow a series of guiding principles:

  • we live by the Open Source philosophy
  • we share everything openly and honestly with the community
  • we have no commercial interests (guaranteed)


Reading educates, this we provide a few references so that you can figure out where we are coming from and what we want to achieve.

Naturally this also is supposed to provide you with sufficient information to measure and verify the level of quality we want to achieve for you.

  • The Twelve-Factor App manifest: a few basic rules to follow for the development and runtime of every service, and WoW is nothing than a very large service
  • Awesome Modern C++, just because it is much easier to produce readable, maintainable code these days
  • The Go Programming Language, since we want all things to run cross platform
  • Awesome Go might actually be even be more impressive

Further resources will be added over the course of the project, we promise!

Hold it

OpenWoW sounds familiar, I think I heard that before. Back then.

Correct! Because the name of our project is homage to one of the most promising projects in the history of WoW emulation. Those guys were awesome, so this is our way of showing respect and document our aspiration for being as awesome for you!

Famous last words

Warcraft®, World of Warcraft®, and all World of Warcraft® or Warcraft® art, images, and lore are copyrighted by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.