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  • The Hunt For WoW Game Clients

    Old game clients are becoming incredibly rare. We archive all WoW patches with you. Join us in this effort now! Cheaper by the Dozen With 38 (in words: thirty-eight) updates we made it through vanilla WoW in 2004, 2005 and 2006. And those were just incremental updates released for the Windows game client. If we add full patches and versions for macOS we end up having roundabout 110 patch archives.
  • Hello, World of Warcraft emulation

    And thus a new adventure in Azeroth is about to begin. As of this day we open a new chapter in the history of WoW emulation. Will you be a part of it? What is going on?! Basically it has been over a decade since the efforts to create an Open Source version of the World of Warcraft started and this far into the game none has succeeded in bringing the full experience of Legacy WoW to the community.

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